lonely planet’s top travel destinations 2011

For a couple of years now Lonely Planet has published some „Best Of“ travel destinations for the upcoming year. For 2011 some well-known countries as well as some newcomers hit the list. Here are some ideas for your travel hot spot in 2011:

  1. Albania
  2. Brazil
  3. Cape Verde
  4. Panama
  5. Bulgaria
  6. Vanuatu
  7. Italy
  8. Tanzania
  9. Syria
  10. Japan

Japan is actually my no. 1 , but although Lonely Planet’s author describe it as not so expensive as a couple of years ago, you still must have saved a little money before going there. I don’t like going on vacation and then having to look after every cent when buying something or dining out. But as I studied tourism and declare myself a graduated tourist, I love travelling and the preparation of holidays. and I save every cent for this.

I don’t work in tourism industry anymore, but I thought I still know about trends and places to be, but Albania was a big surprise: „tales have been told in ‘keep it to yourself’ whispers of azure beaches, confrontingly good cuisine, heritage sites, nightlife, affordable adventures and the possibility of old-style unplanned journeys complete with open-armed locals for whom travellers are still a novelty“. Honestly, I am not sure if I will make it in 2011, but this country is from now on on my travel list. Click here to read a travel guide I found.

Tirana, capital of Albania

Tirana, capital of Albania

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  1. Balordo sagt:

    Great article!
    I´m wondering why Italy is so high ranked. I mean it´s a classic (german) holiday resort.
    Maybe they rediscovered the south of Italy, which is not so well known as tuscany or venice.

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