michael wolf: tokyo compression

I just came back from the exhibition „Tokyo Compression“ by Michael Wolf which is held in „Forum für Fotografie“ in Cologne.

Imagine rush hour in the Japanese capital Tokyo and you are one among 3.6 million passengers travelling in Tokyo every day. This is in few words waht the exhibition is about. Tired people coming from or going to work, crushingly crowded metro trains, perspiration.

In his work Michael Wolf often concentrates on „conditions and phenomena of urban life“. The exhibition shows the anonymity and loneliness that often characterizes urban life, although everyone is surrounded by and meets thousands of people everyday, carried to extremes in this exhibition about the most used mass transport system in the world. The pictures were shown in the exhibition one after the other with an exact space between the frames like seeing a train with dozens of people behind each window.

Michael Wolf is a German photographer who has studied in California and at Folkwangschule, Essen/Germany, in the class of Otto Steinert. He has lived a long time in Hong Kong and is very familiar with the Asian lifestyle. He portrayed Hong Kong in the photo collection „Hong Kong Inside Outside“. His current work is „Paris Street View“ focussing on privacy unveiled to the world by Google Street View. See the project on Michael Wolf’s website.

See the exhibition until 20th February in „Forum für Fotografie, Schönhauser Straße 8, 50968 Cologne. Admission ist just 2 €. More information about the exhibtion and the gallery after the click.

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